Butternut, Feta, Sprouts & Chorizo Soup

Food Tip 033: A brilliant take on butternut soup, dressing it up really makes it a gourmet soup to take note of. The flavours work so incredibly well together. The best sprouts to use are onion and mustard seed on a small and dainty bed of fresh coriander. Another great dish to go with the smoked chipotle tabasco.

The Simple Summer Snack Platter for Two

Food Tip 032: A quick and easy summer platter to share on a sweltering evening with a glass of wine or around the pool with a cocktail. It really is a case of putting together all of your favourite things or simply grabbing what is in the fridge or your cupboard to create the perfect summer platter.

Traditional South African Beer Bread

Food Tip 031: Everyone loves a good bread and a Traditional South African Beer Bread really is right up there with the favourites. It is easy, although it takes a little time to prepare and bake, but it worth it in the end. You can dress it up with garlic butter and cheese or other great fillers. The perfect addition to any wood-fired meal like steaks, chops, ribs and chicken wings.

Green Bean, Pepperdew & Bacon Salad

Food Tip 030: A wicked combination of tasty goodness. Green beans, sweet and spicy pepperdews, bacon, feta and onions with fantastic meditation twist. A favourite at self-service tables and buffet spreads, BBQs, with summer luncheons and a great side with cold chicken drumsticks.

Springbok Carpaccio with Parmesan Slices

Food Tip 029: Carpaccio is an acquired choice or taste, regardless of the meat and much the in the same way as with tartar dishes. If the meat is of outstanding quality and the drizzle is perfect, you simply can not go wrong. This with the flavours of the fresh herbs makes for the perfect starter to any dinner.

Traditional Rollmops & Salad Duo

Food Tip 028: Rollmops and salads awesome if you are looking to rustle up something quick on a weekend or a summer afternoon. Potato salad and a simple salad of the french, greek or Italian variety are absolutely the perfect sides for this classic, light and tasty pickled fish dish.

Ostrich & Sun Dried Tomato Bolognese

Food Tip 027: A South African twist on an Italian dish. The fusion makes for a fantastic taste experience. The ostrich, sun dried tomatoes, mushroom, mixed bell peppers in the bolognese with a topping of freshly grated pecorino cheese is possibly the best why to serve ostrich mince.

White Wine Garlic Snails & Four Cheeses

Food Tip 026: There is something about the combination of cream, white wine, garlic, cheese and seafood that just can not be beaten. It is the perfect taste sensation and a classic combination that works time and time again. An easy recipe that makes for a quickly prepared and perfect starter to a seafood menu.

Smoked Half Shell Crayfish From The Fire

Food Tip 025: Crayfish is a huge favorite with seafood lovers. If you plan on preparing your own at home, make sure you know the source. Do not buy off the beach, this ensures that you are purchasing your pinkies knowing that your source is licensed to supply your favorite seafood.

The Classic Breakfast & High Tea Scone

Food Tip 024: A classic Scone Served with Cheddar Cheese, Fresh Cream, Jam and Butter is often the best way to start your day. A tasty treat that has made it’s way through history from breakfast to high tea and anywhere in between.