The Classic, Quick & Easy Greek Salad

Food Tip 023: The Greek Salad is probably on of the most popular side dishes in history. It also just happens to be one of the quickest to prepare and simplest to throw together. The dressing is no different, it really is pretty simple. The perfect lunch time snack if you really need to eat and run.

Orange Zest Milk Chocolate Vodka Bottles

Food Tip 022: Possibly the easiest party favour, it really doesn’t take very long, nor it a very expensive option. Make it by the mini bottle, by the vodka bottle, serve it in a coffee topped with cream or serve it by the shot. It would be true to say, that in this case, some like it cold and some like it hot.

The Gourmet Filled Omelette Fold Over

Food Tip 021: A brilliant breakfast and brunch favourite, filled with the most awesome delights, cheese being the common denominator. Friend Onions, bell peppers, bacon, and mushrooms are the magic combination accompanied by the four cheeses: mature cheddar, parmesan, feta, elemental.

Full Cherizo Breakfast on The Fire

Food Tip 020: When load shedding strikes, don’t let it stop you for your morning pleasures, especially when the sun is out. Strike up a fire, bring out the bubbly and OJ, put on the pan on and to get a great smokey breakfast started.

A Simply Awesome Beef Moussaka

Food Tip 019: An easy dish that requires stove and oven time. Patience is the key, so do not rush it, take your time and you’ll be sure to get the best beef moussaka you can muster. A classic dish, tasty and traditional, steeped in history. A beef moussaka is truly egg plant at it’s best. A great winter dish.

Traditional Tarragon Chicken

Food Tip 018: It’s still creamy, spiced up with a little more flavour and chicken fried in butter to ensure it stays perfectly tender. Mushrooms, peppers, garlic and onions with added chicken stock and cream make this dish deliciously rich and decadent, busting with taste sensations.

Salmon, Cream Cheese & Capers on Rye

Food Tip 017: Smoked Salmon on Rye with Cream Cheese, Capers & Lemon is a classic light lunch sandwich, a favorite with the ladies. The perfect option for a ladies lunch. This dish is perfectly paired with a light but fragrant wooded white wine. A fennel sorbet is a great palette cleanser, a simple lemon or orange sorbet works just as well with the citrus flavours.

Roast Chicken & Fresh Garden Veggies

Food Tip 016: Roast Chicken is without a doubt a family favourite, reminding many of the Sunday Lunch experience of their childhoods. Although is comes at a slightly higher but worthwhile price tag, free range chicken is not only better for the planet, the animal and for you, but it is a far more flavourful option.

Super Easy Twisted Pickle Preserves

Food Tip 015: It’s basically the classic pickled veggies with the twist of smoked olives and garlic cloves. The olives and garlic add a great flavour to the mix while the pickle spices and vinegar add a tang to the olives and garlic. Cauliflower, carrots, cucumbers, and onions make a fantastic base veggie mix. If you a hot food lover, you can add chillies for a little bite.

The Perfect Flowering Jasmine Tea

Food Tip 014: How to serve the perfect flowering jasmine tea is a very good question. But, it really is in the brewing and it is a whole lot easier than one thinks. It is a great dining experience if you practice patience and prepare the tea properly for ultimate flavour and visual pleasure. It just adds that something extra to every social affair and taste experience.